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Anyone that has visited Hoopie World for Fire Rescue News over the last couple of weeks hopefully have seen the changes taking place.  Hoopie World is in the process of turning into a combination blog/news site with a lot of reference material.  Our focus is still on western Pennsylvania, and I see a lot of improvement opportunities for reference pages including history and the started company profiles among others.

So what is different with this new format you may be asking?  A blog is a site that contains news, images, and links to other sites, along with commentary articles.  Hoopie World is now going to be making a better effort of covering all the local news outlets for fire rescue news, and something different with commentary on some of the incidents.   Hopefully the readers will agree with the editorials, however if the readers disagree we definitely encourage comments on the articles themselves or in the forums.  Those articles will be added daily for the most part and will be in the News section.  We’ll also still have our Featured Stories section that contains fire photo stories submitted to us.  From the Editor contains articles written by myself, featuring general fire service commentary, website updates, and any other rants or ramblings that I may have.  The Contributing Editors section contains articles from guest writers to the site.  The News From Affiliate Sites are photo stories from individual fire department sites.  We also will maintain the information that we’ve always had, like our forums and photo gallery.

Hoopie World is taking that step up to the next level, and our goal is to establish ourselves as a valid western pennsylvania fire rescue news source.  We are trying to shake the whole “thats just a whacker site” reputation that has followed us.  The site is so much more than guys chasing ambulances and fire trucks and taking pictures.  I encourage everyone to invite their fellow firefighters to give Hoopie World another chance if they haven’t been on for a while.  Yes, the forums still have some of the heated arguments, however most fire forums on the web all contain that stuff and we try to limit it as best as possible (including a certain other forum, TWD, that isn’t even owned and operated locally by the way).

To all the regular visitors out there, especially those from the start way back in February 2003, I want to thank you again and hope you like where the site is going.  There have been a ton of similar sites created since then, however many of them have faded away.  That is a compliment from you guys.

So how can you help Hoopie World take it to the next level?  Visit often and get others to visit.  Sign up for our RSS Feed to get updates to your My Yahoo page or email alerts on new headlines.  Register for the forums and contribute your thoughts in the forums and comment on articles.  If you run a website, add our RSS Feed to your site and link to us.  Contact us if you want to be an Affiliate Site.  Also, send in news and information.  Content is king, and without firefighters and public sending in firefighting pictures and news, the site would be pretty boring.

Thanks for all the continued support, and be safe out there!

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