Tour Bus Catches Fire on Turnpike

081114-breezewood-bus-fireBy WTAJ News

BREEZEWOOD, BEDFORD COUNTY – A tour bus caught fire late Sunday afternoon along the turnpike in Bedford County. Police say everyone was able to make it out ok.

The fire started in the back part of the bus.

The people on board were part of a group traveling for a religious gathering on their way back to Chicago when that fire started.

Traffic along the Pennsylvania Turnpike was backed up for a few hours Sunday night as crews worked to put out the fire and remove the bus.

State Police are continuing to investigate. The bus was charred beyond recognition.

The people on the bus were forced to wait along side the turnpike, for one of the other buses traveling with the group to come pick them up.

They are staying at the Hampton Inn in Bedford for the night.

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