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Bird's Eye View - Any Guesses?, in Western Pa Fire News – WPAFN

Bird’s Eye View – Any Guesses?

While surfing the net recently, I got this idea from the Raleigh/Wake Firefighting Blog and thought it would be cool to try here.  If you don’t know by now, bing.com has a map feature that allows a Bird’s Eye View feature.  This new feature allows you to look down from a satellite view and actually rotate the camera.  No more straight down views like we are used to seeing.

So, I have inserted some images of stations into this post.  I want to see who has some eagle eyes and see how many people can tell which stations they are.  Use the comments at the bottom of this article to post your guesses/answers.

I may do this as a weekly feature and possibly give away some prizes if it catches on.  We’ll see how it goes, knowing half of my visitors, there may be a lot of cheating going on (I’m joking, well not really, but thats ok 🙂 )

So, round 1, the hint is that these 4 departments are all in Allegheny County and are all on Mon Valley UHF.









Update: SPOILER ALERT:  If you want to try on your own, don’t look below at the comments as users have figured them out and the answers are posted.

10 comments on “Bird’s Eye View – Any Guesses?

  1. Woody says:

    2. Versailles Boro The rest I am lost

  2. FF184 says:

    Correct #2 is Versailles.

  3. Woody says:

    I am going to guess on this one. 1 is Station 140/ Company 2 Blaine Hill…

  4. FF184 says:

    Nope, #1 does sort of look like Blaine Hill but its not.

  5. John Greenaway says:

    1) station 299 White oak No. 1
    2) Station 286 Versailles VFC
    3) Station 135 Duquesne VFC
    4)Station 131 Dravosburg VFC

  6. Woody says:

    Number 4 is Dravosburg #1, Thats were I started as Junior FF in 1970.

  7. FF184 says:

    Nicely done, however Duquesne is st 133. Did you cheat and look them up or did you get them based on personal knowledge?

    White Oak would have been tough for me if I didn’t know the answers already.

  8. John Greenaway says:

    I’m from the Mon Valley. I started out with White Oak Rescue Squad in 1976 remain a member until the End. Still member deep down that is something that no will ever take away. I know most of the Fire Company in the area and through out the County then some. If I had gotten station con fused with East McKeesport No. 2 when I was typing. I was thinking of something at the same of typing. I look foreword to next set of Pictures of Fire Station. No I Don’t have to look up these station. I have to say I can spot thing from the Air pretty good.

  9. Chooch says:

    I know ONE of all of those…sigh…. PBF one at the bottom of round 2, is #4 on Forbes Ave. near Mercy Hosptial. (I think)

  10. FF184 says:

    Sounds good John, I have posted Round 2 under the From the Editor section.

    Chooch, you are correct that PBF station is #4 in Round 2

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